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Born in the wilderness of New York City, raised in the quiet tranquillity of rural England and made on the streets of West London, Jennings Couch is an artist who embodies the virtues of his environments. Since writing his first songs at the tender age of seven, he has gone on to craft a unique - and eccentric - pop voice. It is this distinctive voice that got Jennings to SXSW 2017, gaining the attention of a wider global audience with shows at The Apple Music House and the BBC British Music Embassy.

Whether the result of his influences, travels or tendency towards the obtuse, one thing is clear; in an era of copycat faux-musicality, Jennings Couch is a refreshingly unique proposition.

A potent new artist
— Clash Magazine
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Mr. Ghost Acoustic Official Music Video | Released October 27th 

Mr. Ghost (Acoustic) directed and edited by JC Verona

Serotonin Official Music Video | Released September 27th 2017

Jennings' new single 'Serotonin', is essentially a love song, whereby a man is so drained by his relationship, however for some reason his sexual attraction to his partner is so unrelenting.

Let The Rockets Burn Official Music Video | Released July 7th 2017

Jennings wrote 'Let The Rockets Burn' after watching Austrian Skydiver, Felix Baumgartner, perform a jump 28 miles above the earth, from the edge of Space. Jennings took this huge accomplishment and transformed it into a song of self-fulfillment.


Performed by Jennings Couch. Written by Jennings Couch, Kevin Malpass and Chris Neil.

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